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Vampires Aren't All Dark by Edgehead11 Vampires Aren't All Dark :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 2 0 Killjoy OC :: Enigma by Edgehead11
Mature content
Killjoy OC :: Enigma :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 0 0
After Time Stood Still :: CH 4
Chapter 4 :: Your Wrong But I'll Tell You The Truth
-Natasha's POV-
"So what does Asgard look like?"
"It's very huge. All around it is either the color Gold, Bronze, or a middle color." Loki tells me while smiling that smile of his.
"Do you miss Asgard?"
"I do but sometimes I don't." He answers while look over at Thor and Steve. "So I never thought you would be in a relationship with Captain. I always pictured you with..."
"LOKI!!" We all look up and see Clint storming into room.
"Clint, what is..." He cuts me off before I could finish.
-Clint's POV-
I walk up to Loki and grab him by his jacket and slamed him against the wall.
"What did you do to Aryen!"
"I did do anything to Aryen."
"Bullshit! She would never agree to letting you keep your staff, after what you did to Manhattan!" I yell in his face.
"Clint, Loki is a liar, but he's telling the turth!" Thor said while pulling me off of Loki. I push him away.
"Then why did she agree to help him!"
"Because she isn't
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Art Is The Weapon by Edgehead11 Art Is The Weapon :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 5 0 Never Forgotten 2011 by Edgehead11 Never Forgotten 2011 :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 1 0 Iron Man by Edgehead11 Iron Man :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 6 2
After Time Stood Still :: CH 3
Chapter 3 :: Baby Step Will Help
-Tony's POV-
I smile up at Aryen when she looks down and notice the upset look in her eyes. I look to my right and see a rope ladder had fallen from the hanger. I climb up it and see her playing with her iPhone.
"Skittles, you okay?"
"Yeah why wouldn't I be."
"Because whenever I ask to come up you tell me to say the password."
"Tony, you know the password always changes."
"I know, Just let me have that moment of trying to figure it out before you throw the rope ladder down next time." I say while smiling at her. She gives me small smile back but it dissapears in a second flat.
"Nothing is wrong, Tony."
"I don't have to be the God of Lies to tell that you are indeed lying to me." I hear her sigh heavily and bury her face into her knees. I move over to Aryen and pull her over to me so that she was leaning up against my chest.
"Now tell me what is wrong."
"Everyone thinking that I'm hiding in Hawkeye's shadow."
"Bruce, Pepper, a
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Avengers OC :: Aryen Barton by Edgehead11 Avengers OC :: Aryen Barton :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 0 0
After Time Stood Still :: CH 2
Chapter 2 :: Stuck In The Hawks Shadow
I sigh heavily as I finally get all of the bubble wrap down, folded neatly, and put into a huge box. It took me a good hour to get everything uncovered and out back in there rightful place. I I close the box and head out of Nick Fury's office. I walk down the hall and open one of the many doors and stuck it on the top shelves. I close the door and head toward the confrence room to find Fury. I walk in and see Fury, Thor, and Loki sitting there waiting for me. I sit down and lean my head back.
"Since you are here finally, we can talk about the treaty. So what did you want to say Aryen?"
"Well when I talked to Loki, he was iffy about signing his name and handing over his staff to S.H.I.E.L.D." I stated.
"Well it's for our saftey, were you going to try and let him keep it?"
"If he signs the treaty then that is all the trust we need from him. He would be abled to go to Asgard as he wishes and be abled to keep his staff. As long as he isn't bad.
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After Time Stood Still :: CH 1
After Time Stood Still
Chapter 1:: A Prank Only Gets You So Far

-Nick Fury's POV-
'Out of all the things Aryen has done over the years this is the most idiotic one.' I think to myself as I walk into S.H.I.E.L.D's lab.
"Agent Coulson!"
"Yes Commander Fury?"
"Have you seen Aryen?"
"Yes sir she is up in Hawkeye's nest with him."
"Thank you." I head over to where Hawkeye is usually perched and I see four legs hanging from the hanger.
"Aryen, you better get down here! Now!" I see her peak down at me and then she looks toward her brother. She brings her legs up and a few seconds later she slides down the rope which leads from the hanger.
"Commander Fury, how are you today?" She says to me with a smile that would compare to the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland.
"I was fine until going into my office to find everything bubbled wrapped."
"And you think I did it?"
"I know you did it."
"And with what proof?"
"You forgot to cut the security camera."
"Damn..." She hangs her head
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Avengers OC :: Agent Mandi Lee Coulson by Edgehead11 Avengers OC :: Agent Mandi Lee Coulson :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 3 4 Avengers OC :: Agent Sammy Jean Coulson by Edgehead11 Avengers OC :: Agent Sammy Jean Coulson :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 1 5 So Far Away by Edgehead11 So Far Away :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 16 0 Top 10 musical band meme by Edgehead11 Top 10 musical band meme :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 0 3 Unicorn Meme by Edgehead11 Unicorn Meme :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 0 2 Paranoia Neon-Angel's Ray Gun by Edgehead11 Paranoia Neon-Angel's Ray Gun :iconedgehead11:Edgehead11 0 0


Washington by Luminovia Washington :iconluminovia:Luminovia 54 3 Josh Washington by edlingart Josh Washington :iconedlingart:edlingart 198 18 I can't run from my family by Withoutafuss I can't run from my family :iconwithoutafuss:Withoutafuss 765 44 Until Dawn: Playing God by Kiwa007 Until Dawn: Playing God :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 1,976 84 Until Dawn - Chris and Ashley by hansideburns Until Dawn - Chris and Ashley :iconhansideburns:hansideburns 804 40 Until Dawn Watercolor Portraits by Cat-Bat Until Dawn Watercolor Portraits :iconcat-bat:Cat-Bat 180 5
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Until Dawn Josh x Reader :iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 168 40
''But, Foxy?'' by Kosperry ''But, Foxy?'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 7,728 1,113 Five Nights at Freddy's||Jeremy x Purple Guy by ProToxicPeanutBread Five Nights at Freddy's||Jeremy x Purple Guy :iconprotoxicpeanutbread:ProToxicPeanutBread 829 534 Harley Quinn Wallpaper by ShinraWallpapers Harley Quinn Wallpaper :iconshinrawallpapers:ShinraWallpapers 58 6 One More Time by Oniwanbashu One More Time :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 157 24 True Loyalty is... by Oniwanbashu True Loyalty is... :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 291 22 WWE: The Old Gods I by Oniwanbashu WWE: The Old Gods I :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 99 7 Eater of worlds by Oniwanbashu Eater of worlds :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 175 9 Soldiers may go down... by Oniwanbashu Soldiers may go down... :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 346 19 ShieldMasks by tattiOsala ShieldMasks :icontattiosala:tattiOsala 154 10




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In just one week I'll be seeing CM Punk and John Cena! It will be me 3rd time to see Punk wrestle and my 1st time for Cena. I really hope I can get a picture with both of them. I would make my day, it would just add to the time when Punk pointed straight at me and and said something to me (i didn't understand what he said but my GOD he noticed me XD). I'll also get to see Layla for the 2nd time. The first time I saw got to see her was in 2010 and she noticed my poster and she waved to me. I hope to get a picture with her two. After that night I'll try to put the pictures of the show on here to see. I just can't wait!!! :) :heart: :heart:


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name is Mandi, i'm Straight Edge, which means i don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. i'm a wrestling fan and a anime fan. I love drawing/painting/playing with clay; so mostly everything that revolves around art. XD i'm a multi-music person meaning i like almost any style type of music. I dislike horror movie except for Cralde Of Filth and See No Evil.

Current Residence: Snyder, Texas
Favourite genre of music: Multi-Music
Favourite style of art: Abstract
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Agumon from Digimon
Personal Quote: "I'm Out Of Here, I'm Only Playing One Song, and I'm Not Coming Out For 10 years. And When I Come Back I'm Bring Out Avenged Sevenfold." The Rev


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